Galleries – Latest Work

These are my twenty most recent works.

I haven’t set up a shop yet so please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a piece. Those with painted backgrounds are on canvas and are sealed and ready to hang. Pieces without painted backgrounds are on paper and are unframed. Dimensions range from 15cm to 50cm, and prices range from NZ$75 to NZ$400.

Limited edition Giclee prints are available in a range of sizes, starting from only NZ$40 for A4 size (297x210mm / 11.7 x 8.25″). Postcard packs are available – 8 cards for NZ$20. Order via the Contact page.


This one took me a while to complete, but I’m really pleased with how it came out. I don’t subscribe to the theory that Jesus was a spaceman, but it’s fun to play with nevertheless.
The title comes from one of my best tracks when I was recording under the name Sharkweek. I have a few versions of the song on my Bandcamp site but this live version is my favourite: Robospacejesus from Swimming With Live Sharks by Sharkweek.


A collaboration with my son Dali.
Bumblebaa is the name of his little gang of friends at school (and I’m sure they’d hate being described like that). They like bees and they run around playing games in worlds of their own imagining. I can understand that feeling – hell, I yearn for it some days – so I’ve tried to capture that in the collage I made with a Dali-painted canvas and collaborative image selection.


A collage about being a Dad.
Contrary to the instructions on an airplane safety card, being a good father means putting your son’s mask on first. You need to accept and embrace the possibility of sacrifice, putting your child’s needs before your own and going without oxygen if necessary in order to sustain them. Of equal importance is showing them how to keep themselves safe and take care of their own basic needs.
The tunnel / airlock symbolizes the journey from childhood to adulthood, as a father guides his son along the path, eventually setting him free to explore on his own, well-prepared and confident.
One of the best things about being a Dad is making great memories – having silly fun together and taking photos of weird and wonderful things, photos you can look back at later and share another laugh about.
At the top we have the helicopter Dad. He’s guiding his son’s rocket, being everywhere at once and engineering little successes that will help to build the boy’s confidence.
And last but not least, there’s a floating Dad in the middle firing his retro-rockets, so to speak, because being a Dad is also about fart jokes, right?
This piece feels really cohesive because it’s about something very specific and of course also because all the people come from the same source material.

Dream Machine

The first white (or partly!) canvas I've worked on in years!
Since I'm such a creature of habit, it felt odd to not work on a black canvas, they are pretty much all I've worked on over the last few years.
The psychedelic background on this is actually made from the leftover paint I used on black canvases! I'd flick some onto the black canvas and then pour the rest onto this one. I love that the colours ran together, they remind me of 1960s light shows with oil on projectors.

Metal Gods

Pretty self-explanatory, right? Gods made of metal, or the gods of metal like the Judas Priest song.

The Ocean Has Her Own History

An sprawling tale of eons beneath the waves.

Nihon Adobenchapato 2

Another collage built from images I brought back from Japan.

Nihon Adobenchapato 1

A collage celebrating my mind-blowing trip to Japan. For a very visual person like myself it was close to overload and I loved every second of it.


Commissioned piece for EP cover by NZ electronic artist Bloop.

Children Of A Vengeful God

I'm still working out the meaning of this one!

Don't Let Your Cowboys Grow Up To Be Children

It feels weird to leave this much blank space and yet I think the space is exactly what the piece needed.

Conspiracy Theory

While I personally don't believe the world is run by reptilian shapechangers or shadowy ancient societies, I'm amused by those who do. Sometimes I think it's a modern phenomenon but then I remember that certain people once believed that other people could transform into bats or cats or fly away on broomsticks, or that the Pope was trying to control their minds.
Anyway, I've tried to include as many popular conspiracy theory targets here as possible: UFOS, Mayans, the Illuminati, lizard people, the moon landings, Big Pharma, Nazis, and - just for good measure - Cthulhu!

First We Take Manhattan

This was the first collage I had made in maybe six months and so there was a lot riding on it in terms of self-confidence. I'm pleased to say I consider it a strong return to form.

Counting The Beat[les]

The unknown adventures of popular insects.

Box O' Birds

My successful entry for a competition for a commission to create a mural on a large metal box owned by the phone company. Look for pics on the site over the next few months.

The All-Seeing Eye

Created for a beer coaster-themed show at the legendary La Luz De Jesus gallery in Los Angeles.

It Came From Cuter Space

Created for a beer coaster-themed show at the legendary La Luz De Jesus gallery in Los Angeles.

Catfish Diagram

Created for a beer coaster-themed show at the legendary La Luz De Jesus gallery in Los Angeles.

A Turnip For The Books

A recent piece, 2014.

Mr And Mrs Nightsky

As well as being a pun on Alice Cooper's "No More Mr Nice Guy", this is also one of the best (in my opinion anyway) pieces from my 2014 show 'This World Is Your Oyster'.