Reach Out To The Stars

“… and flow throughout the universe..”

Reach Out To The Stars, 2005

This piece has a huge personal meaning for me on a number of levels. It’s one of my best works, it features space (outer space and also literal space within the collage itself), it includes a beautiful woman, cute aliens and kittens, and it represents a triumph under pressure: I assembled the piece live on camera for the TVNZ arts show ‘The Gravy’. You can view the clip on Youtube.

The title comes from one of my best songs, written way back in about 2005 and featured on a couple of my albums in various forms. I recently created a homemade video for a live version of the song, you can view that here.

“Reach Out To The Stars” measures 255 x 505 x 30mm and is available to purchase for NZD$700 from Colours Collective.

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