Blue Butterfly Boy

One of the first, maybe the very first, “drippy paint” canvas.

Despite containing relatively few elements – something you know I don’t do often – it works really well.

I’m really proud of the main character, I think he looks great with his freakish tentacled head. I’m less pleased with the cityscape at the bottom as I didn’t make it go all the way to the edges, an aesthetic mistake I haven’t made again.

I have to say I hated cutting and gluing the flowers. Making the same small cut dozens of times to cut out 14 near-identical flowers is pure labour, not art. And they were really thin paper too, it wasn’t really possible to re-position them once they were stuck down, even lightly stuck down. I found that out the hard way!

I was lucky enough to exhibit this – and sell it – in a gallery in one of NZ’s most-photographed buildings, the lovely Dunedin Railway Station.

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