Propaganda TV

Fake news in all its horrific glory.

I made this years before Trump and his “fake news” horseshit came along. Having said that though, I’m talking about the same kind of biased reporting that he is, just from the opposite side of the political spectrum.

The only regret I have about this piece is using the bible quote at the bottom:

“My house is the house of prayer but ye have made it a den of thieves” – Luke 19:46.

That feels a wee bit heavy-handed – it’s quite a stretch to think of modern journalism as ever being like “a house of prayer”! I was probably imagining it said by Hunter S Thompson on a rant about the purity of investigation and reporting or some such thing….

Order a print via or contact me if you’re interested in the original canvas.

The Garden Of Unearthly Delights

Nothing good grows in this garden.

Obviously I owe a great debt to Hieronymus Bosch for the inspiration, and for the blatant theft of his title.

This is quite an old piece but includes some creatures with swapped heads, a technique I used more frequently in later pieces. I particularly like the tarsier-headed gardener – the freaked-out look on his face is just perfect for a garden such as this!

Tiananmen Duck

A complete sidestepping of any political comment on Tiananmen Square.

I chuckle whenever I look at this piece – the idea of Jesus feeding a roast turkey to little ducklings appeals to my perverse sense of humour.

I really love to add sinister little touches to what appears at first to be a sweet and innocent scene.

Original collage on paper for sale. Order a print via

Mayan Eye

Even looking at this piece 10- years after I made it, I can still recall how difficult it was cutting out those little Mayan figures.

Luckily National Geographic used good paper stock even in the 1980s.

Unfortunately this is the piece that showed me with great clarity that diluted paint makes for a good effect when it runs down canvas but it doesn’t make for a long-lasting painted finish. After hanging in a shop – sometimes in direct sunlight – for a couple of months the paint was horribly faded and the paper had suffered too.

Needless to say I adjusted my paint / water mix after this!

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It Came From Cuter Space

Not as cute as I’d intended, but I don’t mind a little weirdness.

This was one of three I exhibited at La Luz De Jesus in Los Angeles a few years ago.

What started out as cute ended up as a strange creature that looks more sausage than cat and has a creepy blank three-eyed stare.

Sealed paper collage on cardboard beer coaster, 103x103mm, NZ$50

Catfish Diagram

Created for a beer coaster-themed show at the legendary La Luz De Jesus gallery in Los Angeles.

Working with such a small background forced me to carefully choose each element for maximum impact, an exercise I really enjoy. I’m usually more than happy to throw the kitchen sink into each collage but I had to be succinct and make each piece count. The result is more focused but no less ambiguous. If you can make sense of this catfish diagram, you’re doing better than I am!

Sealed paper collage on cardboard beer coaster, 103x103mm, NZ$50