Jurassic Art Theft

An old piece, incidentally using a more diverse range of sources than I typically work with now.

In fact it’s pretty much a collection of all the different kinds of sources I’ve used, from 1950s magazine illustrations to classical art to comics to pop culture to glossy photographs.

Space Vixen

A rare mix of black and white photo elements and colour illustrations.

Quite possibly inspired by the Ash song “Jack Names The Planets”, I took the liberty of cutting-and-pasting our solar system into Ploonune, Saranus, Neputo, Juturn, Upiter, Marrth, and the mysterious planet known only as 9.

25x25x3cm, paper collage on canvas, 2010. Message for price.

Colouring Competition

Far-out colouring for the post-psychedelic generation. Or something like that.

I created this for a colouring book my friend Jennifer was putting together in Florida:


I enjoyed creating this piece, though it was certainly challenging: colouring books are printed on shitty newsprint which rips very easily, even with a new scalpel blade.

Artist Trading Card #8

An old series, mid-late 1990s. I’ve been looking forward to sharing these, hoping it will inspire me to complete some playing card collages I’ve had in my “to do” pile for a long time.

If ever there was a situation that called for “fetching the vicar” (click the thumbnail for full-size image), then this is it!