Maturity Is Over-Rated

Or so I’ve concluded.

My 47th birthday is just a few days away as I write this and I’ve been thinking recently that I’m as grown-up as I’m ever going to get.
And I’m ok with that.
I’m happy being an artist, happy being a guy who listens to punk rock and only owns one pair of Sensible Trousers (my work costume). I collect pop vinyl figures and strange little plastic toys, and I’ll likely never own a wine collection or a leather lounge suite.

Jurassic Art Theft

An old piece, incidentally using a more diverse range of sources than I typically work with now.

In fact it’s pretty much a collection of all the different kinds of sources I’ve used, from 1950s magazine illustrations to classical art to comics to pop culture to glossy photographs.

Space Vixen

A rare mix of black and white photo elements and colour illustrations.

Quite possibly inspired by the Ash song “Jack Names The Planets”, I took the liberty of cutting-and-pasting our solar system into Ploonune, Saranus, Neputo, Juturn, Upiter, Marrth, and the mysterious planet known only as 9.

25x25x3cm, paper collage on canvas, 2010. Message for price.